What Does it Take to Build a Successful CRE Team?

by / Monday, 18 March 2013 / Published in iCORE, Opportunity / Growth, Pride of Ownership

Standard_CAHave you ever heard a Partner complaining about how they can’t recruit good CRE professionals? Or frustrated that the brokers currently on the team aren’t producing?

Maybe you’re a broker spinning your wheels and feeling stuck trying to, “make this Commercial Real Estate gig work.”  Is there even a long-term growth opportunity at your current company?

At iCORE we have worked with existing groups and built teams from the ground up. In every case, results are the same. Quality people rise to the top and overall productivity increases, ultimately making everyone more money.

This first-hand experience has taught us a few secrets on how to get an unfair advantage in today’s CRE market

So how do you go about building a successful team? Is there a strategy in place to not only bring the best but keep them productive and lucrative for years to come?

Three things that take a group from good to great:
1. The Right People
2. The Right Tools
3. The Right Track

Since all three of these factors are fundamental to the success of a CRE team, we’ll be dedicating a blog post to each area.   We’ll be breaking down breaking down each component and sharing our insight into how to pull together a team that will surpass your competition.