Top-Tier Technology

by / Monday, 17 June 2013 / Published in iCORE, Technology

Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that puts a company ahead of the market?

In the Commercial RE world, each client relationship and every single transaction can be directly influenced by technology and depending on the platform you use, it can ultimately increase or decrease the efficiency of the factors of your production. What would it mean to you and your company if you had the chance to tap into the top-tier of technology available?

It could mean the difference between stability and “here today—gone tomorrow.”

And why is technology so important to iCORE Global partners in the first place?

iCORE Global was actually birthed in Silicon Valley, opening up the doors of Origin, Habitat and other proprietary sharing tools, becoming the most sought-after client-facing tools in the business.

We’re completely rooted in technology. It wasn’t an afterthought for iCORE. We originally incorporated technology with our initial processes of business. It’s a fundamental for iCORE as a company and for successful channel business processes.

It makes your job easier, helps you work more efficiently and have a better time doing it.

Ever wanted to glance into the engine of iCORE Global, even if to just catch a peek at the top-tier platform?

Here’s a sliver-of-a-view from the top: As part of the iCORE platform, each office has access to HABiTAT®, our virtual Headquarters that includes customizable templates, transaction tools, announcements, a company directory, training resources and industry best practices.

Each office also has access to ORiGIN®, iCORE’s proprietary client-relationship management system that empowers team members to track client interactions, strategically target each client and measure success of business development activities.

These not only give you a competitive advantage with clients, but we also have proprietary client-facing technologies and reporting capabilities that add value to your customers and streamline project management, document sharing, tracking and team communication.

A 2010 Forrester Research survey showed that 73% of enterprises were planning to implement or expand their use of collaboration tools within a year. Do you have access to that yet?

iCORE has been growing up with these tools since the beginning.

Join a family rooted in top-tier, ever-changing technology. The iCORE Global family.

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