The Sales Leader’s CRM Point of View

by / Wednesday, 02 October 2013 / Published in Client Advocacy, CRM, iCORE

So you have a shiny new CRM system. Tools are only as good as the people who use them and process is everything when it comes to repeated success in any market. Clearly defining the best practices and processes to effectively utilize a CRM system can mean the difference between a record quarter and lackluster sales. Make sure you know how to implement a CRM process for your team.

Download the free white paper, The Sales Leader’s Point of View, to learn:

  • How to focus your team on client interactions and income producing activities
  • To implement a common selling framework that increases duplication
  • To create a proven sales methodology that produces results
  • How to keep track of what approaches work and which ones do not
  • The best practices of being employed in the market today
  • To identify more opportunities and efficiently move those opportunities toward a close
  • How to align your company with a sales focus
  • The benefits of optimizing leads through marketing

Most of the pressure within a company’s growth rests on the shoulders of the sales team. Without a system to keep track of the sales process, as well as a sales funnel to step clients through, the chances of losing the sale increase significantly. Download this white paper to learn more about what your CRM system can do to keep client interactions at the forefront while reducing the length of the sales process and making duplication an ease.

Download the white paper here: The Sales Leader’s Point of View

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