The Key to a More Rewarding Career

by / Thursday, 13 June 2013 / Published in Client Advocacy, Collaboration, iCORE

Back in 2011, Harvard Business School released a report that, more than a high salary, job satisfaction comes from the ability to make a difference and deliver results. This sparked an office discussion on the topic of passion and how doing what you’re truly passionate about drives superior results – both for you and the company you work for.

As a company that’s grown tremendously this past year, we’re always cognizant of the factors that contribute to lasting success. As important as it is for us to continue our growth trajectory, we want to be sure that our success isn’t fleeting. This requires that we’re not just adding offices to our platform – we’re pulling in the RIGHT teams.

That brings us back to passion. We’ve worked with thousands of CRE professionals around the world. The biggest take away we have is that the people whom are truly passionate about client advocacy and find personal enjoyment in helping their clients achieve a real estate solution that exceeds their expectations, are the most successful.

Interestingly enough, even on their toughest days when a big deal falls through or a project doesn’t go exactly as planned, these professionals don’t miss a beat. Their motivation doesn’t slip and they find a way to turn the challenge into an opportunity.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘they rake in enough money that they don’t even notice if one deal falls through.’ Turns out; intrinsic motivation, or passion, isn’t dependent on income. Some have seven-figure incomes while others have more modest take home pay. Unlike the traditional sales professionals, this group doesn’t prioritize money as the primary source of job satisfaction and achievement. (Of course making enough money to survive is important).

Our experience is not unique. There’s an abundance of literature available on the connection between passion and success. Passionate employees are more creative, productive and collaborative. When people are passionate about their work, it becomes more than just a job. It becomes an opportunity to make a difference.

It is our goal to build a company that is filled to the brim with passionate individuals. After all, impassioned and empowered individuals are absolutely the most important asset we have.