The Age of the Customer

by / Monday, 19 November 2012 / Published in Collaboration, iCORE, International RE, Opportunity / Growth


Do your solutions support every step of your customer’s journey? Does your relationship with the customer support repeat business?

Engaging clients effectively, efficiently fulfilling their needs, and providing a personalized experience across all interactions should be the number one goal of a commercial real estate provider. But, how does one do this with superior results and less effort?

Different from our competitors, we achieve superior results as iCORE has become known in the industry as “Redefining Commercial Real Estate”. We truly have a partnership model.

Take a look below at our competitors’ models and observe how they will always fall short:

  1. The Franchise Models sell Territories with extreme governance. This usurps your fiduciary responsibility to the client by requiring you to pass them off, regardless of their needs.
  2. Network Models sell Territories with nearly zero governance. The result has always reflected that our clients do not believe in its effectiveness.
  3. Corporate Owned structures remove the pride of ownership. Yet, Pride of Ownership isrequired above all, to maintain high quality service delivery in a Service Business.

With so many customers active on social channels today, positive feedback is yearning to surface in business transactions. Your customers expect a consistent, relevant, and personalized service experience. With iCORE’s shared services and multi-channel business approach, we have internal applications and technical systems needed to support those transactions.

We’ve entered the Age of the Customer. Isn’t it time to fulfill ALL of their needs?


Stay tuned for our future post on Top-Tier Technology.

We’ll reveal the superior platform of technology used within all of our iCORE offices.