Taking Client Relationship Management to the Next Level

by / Tuesday, 05 February 2013 / Published in iCORE, Technology


Leading companies understand the essential role that client relationship management (CRM) systems play in the success of a sales team.  At iCORE, our CRM system is much more than a technology; it is a core component of our business strategy.   Our CRM system forms the backbone of our global business channels facilitating collaboration and knowledge share.

Having experienced a variety of unsuccessful real estate business models and processes, we realized early on that the right technologies would make the difference between success and failure.

We test drove all of the leading CRM systems on the market, but everything fell short of our need for a user-friendly, powerful tool that empowered worldwide collaboration.   Rather than force fit a less than ideal system, our team invested a significant amount of time, energy and resources into developing ORiGIN, our proprietary CRM system.  As a result, we were able to effectively align our technologies with our key business objectives.

ORiGIN, our proprietary client relationship management (CRM) system, empowers team members to track client interactions, strategically target each client, measure success of all business development activities and execute real estate strategies on a global scale. Especially in a relationship based industry such as commercial real estate, the ability to track interactions and proactively develop relationships makes the difference between profit and loss.

What truly differentiates ORiGIN from the pack of 3rd party CRM solutions is that it facilitates knowledge share and collaboration without requiring a change in client ownership.   At iCORE, we respect the established relationship and trust between a client and proven provider.   In our experience we’ve found that keeping the client relationship intact and developing a culture that feels secure in collaborating drives the ultimate value and satisfaction.

Interested in seeing first-hand how our CRM system can empower your team?   Contact us today at info@icoreglobal.com for an inside look at our innovative technologies.