A Future Worth Fighting For

Thursday, 27 October 2016 by

It’s a known fact that the industry we call home, Commercial Real Estate, is cyclical. Business ebbs and flows, clients vacillate, markets adjust, and brokers are, well, brokers. Such factors are why you have a love/hate relationship with CRE and exactly why some of you get a bit cross-eyed when forced to consider long term

  Since the financial crisis of 2007, capitalism has suffered an increasingly negative rap. Stories of corruption and greed have filled the news, leaving little room for trust in large corporations. While listening to NPR a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an interview with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, discussing the Conscious Capitalism

Once you have the right people in place and the tools you need to win over your clients, you need a way to maintain your team.  Do you have a strategy in place to ensure your team is productive and lucrative for years to come? It’s time to stop the revolving door of frustrated brokers

I think we can all agree: employee satisfaction is vital to the success of a company.  With the ability to make or break a company, the consistent downturn in employee satisfaction and engagement over the past several years is alarming. If companies want to maintain an engaged, happy workforce, they need to establish opportunities for employees

Working for a giant company in Corporate America certainly comes with mixed blessings.   Countless professionals trade in their entrepreneurial spirit for what they perceive to be increased job and financial security. Diving a bit deeper into recent articles on decreasing job satisfaction in Corporate America, I found that many employees felt trapped by the very

The Age of the Customer

Monday, 19 November 2012 by

A PROACTIVE MULTI-CHANNEL APPROACH—IS THERE SUCH A THING IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE? Do your solutions support every step of your customer’s journey? Does your relationship with the customer support repeat business? Engaging clients effectively, efficiently fulfilling their needs, and providing a personalized experience across all interactions should be the number one goal of a commercial