Since the financial crisis of 2007, capitalism has suffered an increasingly negative rap. Stories of corruption and greed have filled the news, leaving little room for trust in large corporations. While listening to NPR a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an interview with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, discussing the Conscious Capitalism

Back in March we put up a blog post about our commitment to Conscious Capitalism and how it’s shaped our business model and culture. Turns out that, on average, conscious companies perform 10x better than standard companies. This stat comes from a study conducted by Raj Sisodia, business professor and co-author of Conscious Capitalism. Sisodia

What does it mean to be a client advocate? We’re glad you asked. Ask any commercial real estate broker or an agent about the importance of being client-focused, and they will likely respond that it’s in their DNA. But, what does client advocacy translate to when it pertains to time, discipline or providing a full-service