Back in January, we posted an article on the record high pollution levels in China.   Over the past 6 months, China has taken big strides in fighting pollution and climate change. With several of the world’s fastest growing cities and largest economic engines, China is taking a multifaceted approach to pollution control including ground up

According to CNN, the tally stands at 1,127 deaths and 2,438 live rescues. Experts cite extremely poor quality materials and violations of regulation as the cause of the building collapse. Poor working conditions, unsafe construction and unenforced building codes are all too common, and preventable, factors in these deadly events. So how has one of

Using weather satellites designed to measure ocean winds, scientists have compiled graphs that depict how wide and tall cities around the world have grown over the past decade. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, “China will build the equivalent of New York every other year for 20 years, while India needs to add the equivalent

Asian Pacific Leasing Signaling Growth

Thursday, 15 November 2012 by

Leasing activity in Singapore is gradually improving. Q3 sales transactions of significance were Alpha Investment Partner’s acquisition of 50% of a Shenton Way property valued at approximately $487 Million (US), $596 Million (S) and the Robinson Point property of 133,000+ sq ft to Asian investors for $224 Million (US), $274 Million (S). The demand from