After two years of careful consideration, the Green Building Advisory Committee has put out an official recommendation to GSA that the LEED Green Building Certification system be used for all GSA buildings. In putting forth this recommendation the committee has determined that LEED standards are the best for determining the overall efficiency of a building.

A Push for Sustainable Design

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 by

An increasing demand for sustainability is pushing the envelope on traditional building design.  While sustainable design and construction does require additional upfront cost, the long-term savings create value for property owners and investors. From a financial perspective, sustainable buildings benefit from reduced operational costs and decreased energy consumption.   Benefits also extend to building occupants including

It could add up to big savings for you, as well as improved cash flow if you’re a property owner. Most commercial properties from apartment buildings and day-care centers to office buildings and warehouses qualify for this tax secret. This tax strategy allows owners and investors to accelerate the depreciation rate of their properties and