So you have a shiny new CRM system. Tools are only as good as the people who use them and process is everything when it comes to repeated success in any market. Clearly defining the best practices and processes to effectively utilize a CRM system can mean the difference between a record quarter and lackluster

If you’ve spent any time in a sales role, you know that retaining customers is far more profitable and rewarding than spending time scouring for new clients. You also understand the importance of maintaining happy customers and achieving excellence in service. Happy customers provide the basis for recurring revenue as well as referrals to new

Leading companies understand the essential role that client relationship management (CRM) systems play in the success of a sales team.  At iCORE, our CRM system is much more than a technology; it is a core component of our business strategy.   Our CRM system forms the backbone of our global business channels facilitating collaboration and knowledge share. Having