Stopping the Turnover Pattern

by / Tuesday, 20 November 2012 / Published in iCORE, International RE, Opportunity / Growth

We’re calling all new brokers, mid-range brokers and the largest, most active brokers who are wanting a more successful future filled with opportunity, to Join our iCORE Global innovative team.

Did you know?

iCORE Global attracts and retains the most talented brokers and agents the world. We save our brokers time and money, accelerate their possibilities and provide them advanced in-house proprietary technology with global marketing and team collaboration.

New Brokers: We know that you are hardworking, energetic and probably the most technically skilled out of all of us. We also know that you might wonder if you’ll truly end up successful in this rewarding and challenging profession. No matter what brokerage you’re with, iCORE can be with you every step of the way, with advanced training and support. We’re looking to grow and you’re looking for the most efficient way to successful business. What a great combination!

Mid-Range Brokers: Are you looking for a better place to do business? A better environment in which to do business in? Have you wondered why you’ve been the commoditized sales force for others? iCORE’s unique client-advocacy approach allows you to separate from the pack. Our value proposition is second-to-none and we want you to have a supportive and enthusiastic environment where all of your hard work pays off. Our company is the best platform for your success!

Large Brokers / Extremely Active: Does your company know you as well as you know your company? You already know that relationships are the foundation of any transaction; between you and your customer, as well as with you and your firm. And this is where we add value to your current foundation. It has been proven time and again that iCORE is THE place to be. Here, big efforts = rewarding results. What does that mean? Your dedication will directly benefit You and iCORE, instead of only for the company’s benefit. Have you taken a look at your company’s value-proposition lately?  We work differently, by building equity together and safeguarding a bright future for the entire team. Become a partner with the largest worldwide commercial real estate provider in which ‘doing business as usual’ is being completely RE-defined.

Get to know iCORE, where your opportunity awaits. Gain leverage & get the support you need NOW.

“The primary focus is on developing long-term relationships with clients rather than focusing on ‘one off’ deals. iCORE Global has developed a platform built on the latest technology, the likes of which are seldom found anywhere else. We’ve had an extremely memorable experience thus far and look forward to building a successful business and creating lifelong friendships”.

-Raja Seetharaman, Managing Partner of our India offices