Pieced Together: The Future of Building Commercial RE

by / Tuesday, 08 January 2013 / Published in General, iCORE, Technology

Relatively new to the commercial real estate building scene is a creative building design from rectangular to triangular structures. Many different chassis designs are available and the process is adaptable to most building designs in general.

The building industry’s future is modular construction.

Skanska USA Building CEO, Bill Flemming, discussed the groundbreaking of the B2 Modules (inset pic). B2 is a 32-story modular residential tower at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards being built by Skanska and Forest City Ratner.

Bill Flemming standing in front of B2

Skanska started studying modular a number of years ago in the UK and Scandinavia in response to high labor costs and low productivity.

And although the modular construction for the commercial building industry is relatively new, movies like Transformers help to make the vision of the future of real estate more viable.

What is the actual process?

Modules are constructed off-site, trucked in and then pieced together. This allows for a safer atmosphere for the workers. Driving down insurance costs, modular construction also minimizes waste at the construction site and maximizes assembly speed.

Which building is the world’s tallest modular residential building?

Why, B2 of course. That’s right, Bill Flemming’s proud Brooklyn baby. The 930 unique modules will be pieced together at a factory in nearby Brooklyn Navy Yard, housing 363 units and arriving in 2014.

Their first ever implemented modular prefabrication was the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

That’s one big puzzle to put together. And we hope Skanska receives all of the necessary pieces upon delivery.