Mobile POS Systems Free up Retail Space

by / Tuesday, 11 June 2013 / Published in CRE Trends, iCORE


Mobile point of sale systems are popping up everywhere and it looks like they’re here to stay.  In fact, research analysts predict that the mobile POS industry will surpass $2 billion in hardware and software sales in 2013.

Mobile point of sale aps offer a sleek way for sales associates to checkout and assist customers anywhere in the store.  Companies that have implemented mobile POS systems boast increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in sales lost due to walkouts.   Customers no longer have to spend time waiting in line to get their questions answered and associates have an immediate opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling.

Traditional point of sale systems included the large computer registers that required a dedicated counter and significant real estate.    This approach also required devoted space around the register to facilitate sales lines.   As this requirement disappears,   what are companies doing with their extra real estate?

We found that companies have some creative solutions for their extra space.  Some trends that our team has observed so far:

  • For starters, companies are able to spread out merchandise to cover their entire store leaving additional room between racks for customers to maneuver
  • Some retailers are using the room for customer help desks or interactive areas where clients can get their questions answered
  • Food retailers are able to serve additional customers as they have room for a seating area or two
  • Companies that are renewing or moving their locations have increasing flexibility in their layout and design, allowing them to consider options that we’re previously off the table.