Long-Standing Debate: Telecommuting vs. Traditional Office Work

by / Thursday, 28 February 2013 / Published in Collaboration, iCORE, Industry Trends

Standard_CollaborationWe deal with companies every day that are looking to reduce their real estate costs.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and collaboration tools, it’s not surprising that companies are looking to telecommuting as a strategy to save money.

The recent announcement from Yahoo! that employees would no longer be able to work remotely has stirred an unexpected amount of debate from parties on both sides.  Coming at a pivotal time for Yahoo! in which they’re attempting to change course, this decision sheds light onto the often overlooked aspects of traditional office space.

We agree that, technically, many jobs can be completed remotely, reducing the need for employees to commute into the office every day.   However, as telecommuting increases, companies are realizing that their office space provided significant benefits that can’t be replicated remotely.

Pulling employees together into a common space fuels spontaneous collaboration and idea sharing.  Face time with coworkers encourages more open communication and the exchanging of best practices.   It also creates a strong bond between team members, a connection that is vital to a company’s success.

At iCORE, we believe that there’s a delicate balance between the cost savings of telecommuting and the productivity benefits of office space.   Rather that toss out a ‘one-size fits all’ recommendation, we work with each client to understand their unique culture and business drivers.   We then provide recommendations and executable strategies that drive value for your bottom line.

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