Is Your TECH Toolbox Holding Your Business At Bay?

by / Wednesday, 25 September 2013 / Published in iCORE, Technology

Ask yourself if you have the highest platform of technology available for your job.

And if your answer is ‘no’, you might want to reconsider what you’re working with or possibly where you work.

All production functions in Commercial Real Estate are directly influenced by technology, and this increases the efficiency of the factors of production. So much so, that we’ve noticed a huge improvement, with our innovative platform at iCORE Global.

Do you have Cloud-based solutions to assist you with a customer on-the-spot?

Being a nimble broker is enhanced by the movement of data and resources to the web or cloud. A single broker can play bigger, and a large organization like ours can react quickly and back it up with expanded resources.

This means nearly-instant access to information while touring properties, informing your decisions on the go.

Historically, we’ve seen that our industry has been slow to innovate and adopt new technologies. At the end of the day, using technology wisely means harnessing innovation to your advantage to provide the highest level of personal service to each client.

Technology and social media are not ends in themselves, but a means to improve service through improved research, analysis, marketing and productivity. Yet having access to this technology on a daily basis provides a value-added service not only to the broker, but for the customer.

The speed at which information flows and transactions occur in today’s marketplace demands brokers be tech-savvy to focus these resources, productively to the end result: a successful transaction.

Embracing change when your asset is grounded by bricks and mortar may mean revising your options or considering a different atmosphere with which to work in.

The KEY is to anticipate and embrace change and not let the market pass you by.

iCORE revolves around a strong technology platform that supports both our internal and external clients. Our proprietary technology includes a comprehensive, unrivaled set-of-tools designed to empower clients to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities.

We offer an open-platform technology, which allows our team to take a proactive approach to portfolio management, utilizing the latest processes and knowledge-share with every transaction. This results in quick and effective collaboration of the entire team and sharing of best practices between all members of the community.

Time is money and we’re committed to providing team members with the tools and resources they need to make the most of each day.