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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a focus amongst professionals in all fields, most particular the professional services sector.  The study for EQ and the positive affects therefrom is well validated, through nearly 20 years of credible research. Proving up this is a skill set that is quintessential for success in almost any aspect of life.  There are several different EQ models in practice, defining in those models EQ in sometimes different ways; however all experts agree that the ability to self-manage emotions, having strong social awareness and social skills, are key factors in high performance and sustained success.

According to the Keller Center Research Report, “A two-sided study of emotional intelligence with agents and clients reveals that only 26% of the pairs operate on the same ‘emotional wavelength’ and 46% of agent-client encounters show weak emotional communication.” 

The study shows that brokers with low levels of EQ are not only less effective when using client-oriented selling strategies, but that it can also dramatically impact their sales performance. If the client and broker are not on the same “emotional wavelength”, there are significant gaps in communication. Say for instance a broker with a high level of emotional competence interacts with a client who has a hard time expressing his or her emotions. The two are now operating on a different emotional playing field. This discrepancy greatly effects the “chemistry” in the relationship, thus effecting first impressions, the overall progression of the sale and the long-term business relationship.

Because most organization-to-client relationships are exactly that, a relationship, if the client and the broker are not on the same emotional wavelength, the relationship can deteriorate dramatically. This is why it is imperative for brokers to consistently increase their EQ skillset.

One of the ways that iCORE assists our offices with increasing their EQ is through collaboration.

Collaboration results in the ability to:

  • Identify behaviors that demonstrate empathy
  • Uncover creative problem-solving strategies
  • Recognize one’s ability to influence others
  • Increase the ability to persuade
  • Further develop communications skills
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate controlling conflicts
  • More accurately match a client to a property/service

To learn more about iCORE’s collaborative environment go to: Collaboration: The Key to Success in CRE


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