From the Desk of iCORE’s CEO

Samantha Mueting, Managing Director and CEO of iCORE Global, discusses the organization’s unique approach to the enterprise of commercial real estate, which is currently being redefined and saving brokers millions of dollars while providing shared services and unrivaled excellence in client advocacy.

Amanda Roberts: Samantha, tell us about your background and why you started iCORE Global.

Amanda, my back-ground dates back to the beginning.  My name-sake Sam Gillard, prior to his death in the late 60’s was the largest (individual) owner of commercial property in California.  He was second only to Bob Hope and his collection of entities. My father was directed by Sam to move to Silicon Valley, not yet S.V., in 1965.  He began to develop properties in the valley.  Working with commercial and residential developers, he delivered hundreds of thousands of lots, several million square feet of office, and a few multiples in Retail.

When I was 11 years of age, my father built my very first office building design.  Many have said that I had likely completed 10,000 hours of this type of work before I had graduated from college.  Well, I don’t know about that.  What I do know is that I had my fair share of experiencing the management of brokers, of a commoditized sales force, and how impactful the real estate industry actually is.

It never made sense to have a service industry, with a sales force having zero accountability.  Yes, real estate commissioners began to put some measures in place.  However, I believe Pride of Ownership is the only true regulator of quality and creator of positive peer pressure.

To that point, I had the opportunity to watch the industry leave the professional services sector and lean toward the franchise model.  I believe the emerging of this business structure will one day draw serious controversy.  The last 50 years shows negative results for the client, as well as for the actual sales force.

To the question, why did I start iCORE Global?  To bring a platform to the world market that is proven to work, bring it back and in force, to raise the bar and say the words with confidence, “yes, Mr. Client I am your advocate, I am not conflicted, my business model isn’t preventing me from meeting my fiduciary responsibilities.  We have succeeded!”

What is iCORE Global’s value proposition for Real Estate Partners?

Worldwide connection, as well as a pure commitment to excellence.

How is iCORE Global redefining Real Estate and Client Advocacy?

Whether a client is a local user or worldwide corporate user, they require a full service and professional real estate provider. Why? Simply because their real estate portfolios are diverse and require all real estate disciplines to optimize their specific objectives.

Examples can be land, have a need to develop a custom facility, office space, industrial, owned and leased, and facilities that are past their prime and need to be re-entitled; the list is long.  This means that our clients need providers with a broad set of skills.

In the 90’s a concept of Tenant Rep emerged, where a company that only has tenant rep agents, could claim a conflict-free position with the client.  This was true of course and it was a result from the clients seeking a conflict-free provider.

Commercial Real Estate | REDEFINED is literally the next evolution.  We have pushed back the line from the Tenant Rep all the way to Asset Management, recognizing that the real conflict is in representing the large owners of space.  The result is that we have a Full Service firm, with all of the skills and disciplines needed to best represent our clients, and yet still remain conflict free.

Yes – we market space, we do that when we are tendered by the Asset Management companies.  They hire us because we are the best in class provider for their clients. Remarkably, this gives the Asset Managers a better position as well.  They manage their marketing agency in step with their productivity. This raises the bar of professionalism all around and drives Client Advocacy to its highest form.

What conversations do you have with potential Partners regarding why they should consider iCORE Global?

iCORE Global is the only real estate organization that truly connects any given local firm to a global platform.  It is not a network (a rolodex of members) or a corporate owned company (no accountability), and it is not a franchise (requiring clients to be passed like batons).  It is a Partnership. We are the PwC and KPMG of Real Estate.  Therefore, our offering is very exciting and rewarding for those considering iCORE.

Looking ahead, what does the future hold for your organization and for the commercial real estate industry?

We are a true Partnership. Each of our offices offers a Partnership Track.  Accordingly, we are targeting the same people in which graduate law firms, consulting, and auditing firms are attracting.  Our objective is to constantly be raising the bar within our professionals and our Teams.  We will measure our success by our incoming interns. We want to be THE firm where sharp young individuals want to start their career.


Samantha Mueting

Samantha Mueting leads iCORE Global as founder and CEO. Samantha was educated abroad, is known as an entrepreneur, and has been credited for several successful start-ups with the ability to optimize business both locally and internationally. Throughout her 25-year professional career, Mueting has developed and mastered a unique approach to Global Business Channels. In her early career as a strategic real estate consultant she identified the need for, and the benefits of, client advocacy.

Mueting launched her Global Business Channel Management system 19 years ago, with CORE Advantage Group, an international consulting firm providing global corporate services to multinational corporations. iCORE Global has captured & delivered this powerful process driven system into client facing technologies. Mueting’s goal is to create a positive paradigm shift in the commercial real estate industry by creating international business channels, collaborative business practices, process driven results, strategic works and overall improved service delivery for our clients through the utilization of the latest technologies and a collaborative team culture. She states, “At the end of the day it is about who can execute consistently, in diverse geographies while staying in front of what the client needs. At iCORE we manage global operations through empowered local expertise. We believe it does take a team, a connected team.”