Effective CRM for Commercial Real Estate

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Effective CRM’s runs on client information. In order to successfully manage client data, it’s not only important to centralize the information, but also to capture data that is relevant to YOUR PARTICULAR industry. Especially in Commercial Real Estate (CRE).  CRE organizations are forced to use generalized CRM platforms that are not conducive our industry, nor to relevant client and property data. This causes most CRE companies to cram data into un-customizable data fields that force more important, asset related data to end up inside a notes section.  This is a disaster.

Not only is the information incredibly difficult to locate, but in most cases is lost entirely. Attempting to track the information causes a frustration, lost time and disenfranchised sales teams.

The bottom line is that having clean and well-kept data is critical when it comes to managing clients and assets. Once shared, old version are overwritten, data is lost and locating the most recent version can be incredibly difficult.

What makes iCORE’s CRM so powerful is that it is INDUSTRY SPECIFIC, INTEGRATED TO OUTLOOK, with CONSISTANT LIVE UPDATES ACROSS THE PLATFORM. This makes the most recent version available to anyone, anywhere. Not only can records be shared, but they can be protected, as well. This is an extremely powerful tool for brokers who are looking to guard or share opportunities.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a CLIENT looking to take down new space however not in your city. CLIENT OWNER just finished meeting with the CLIENT and initiated the OPPORTUNITY, CLIENT OWNER can now share the record with CO-BROKER in target city. Now the two can work together and collaborate, as well as mutually update the record as the relationship progresses.

Real-time data then allows everyone on the Transaction Team, ACCOUNT OR SINGLE OPPORTUNITY, to get the information right away. No more emails back and forth trying to collect relevant data, backed by various spreadsheets containing asset data which may or may not be the last version, and certainly no more lost data.

The best part about it is that if you do need the data in a spreadsheet, you can export live, real-time data in one or two clicks. Easy! This versatility allows you to spend less time managing and correcting your data, and more time building your business.

To learn more about ORiGIN, iCORE Global’s custom Commercial Real Estate CRM platform, see Taking Client Relationship Management to the Next Level

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