Clients Expect Global Capabilities

by / Friday, 03 May 2013 / Published in Client Advocacy, Competitive Advantage, iCORE

Standard_ClientAdvocacyEven as recent as five or ten years ago, it was still reasonable for commercial real estate companies to have only a US  footprint.  Increasing pressure is coming from clients for an integrated approach to real estate.  The take away message is that US coverage is no longer enough. Clients want more and, frankly, they deserve it.

In order to compete and win client business you need to be part of a platform with proven, reliable providers around the world.   Clients don’t want to manage multiple providers.  They want one company that can service and optimize their entire portfolio.   Clients also don’t want you to simply pass their relationships on to an international provider.   Clients want consistency in service delivery and a centralized platform.

With clients diversifying their portfolios and heading into new markets, CRE firms need to stay one step ahead.  It’s not enough to have a group that you network with from time to time.   Providers need to have local feet on the ground expertise so that they can effectively position and manage their clients’ global portfolios.

According to a recent article in NREIonline, creating and maintaining an international commercial real estate platform is the biggest challenge for firms today. We’ve seen many of the top CRE providers struggle with this expansion.

iCORE is in an unique position as our platform originated as a consortium of international CRE providers and has recently expanded to include iCORE Global offices in the US.  Over 25 years ago, we identified the need for strong real estate providers around the world and channel business processes that actually deliver.  We also learned first-hand how critical it is to keep the owner of the relationship involved, at all times.   We’ve taken this insight and applied it to our platform enabling us to stay ahead of the pack.

Is your team positioned for success on a global scale? Contact us today at to learn more about joining our international team.

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