Relatively new to the commercial real estate building scene is a creative building design from rectangular to triangular structures. Many different chassis designs are available and the process is adaptable to most building designs in general. The building industry’s future is modular construction. Skanska USA Building CEO, Bill Flemming, discussed the groundbreaking of the B2

Top-Tier Technology

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 by

Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that puts a company ahead of the market? In the Commercial RE world, each client relationship and every single transaction can be directly influenced by technology and depending on the platform you use, it can ultimately increase or decrease the efficiency of the factors of your production.

  Would you like to see a new atmosphere of collaboration and teaming? How about obtaining the most advanced technological platform designed to facilitate seamless collaboration? Long-standing relationships are revered in our business. That’s why iCORE Global is approaching channel business in an innovative way, because we understand where the industry is heading. As a