Effective CRM’s runs on client information. In order to successfully manage client data, it’s not only important to centralize the information, but also to capture data that is relevant to YOUR PARTICULAR industry. Especially in Commercial Real Estate (CRE).  CRE organizations are forced to use generalized CRM platforms that are not conducive our industry, nor

Ask yourself if you have the highest platform of technology available for your job. And if your answer is ‘no’, you might want to reconsider what you’re working with or possibly where you work. All production functions in Commercial Real Estate are directly influenced by technology, and this increases the efficiency of the factors of

What better way to wrap up a work week than by focusing on ways to reduce your bottom line while at the same time increasing top line revenue? Increasing budgetary pressures are forcing companies across the board to do more with less. To be competitive and maintain your margins, you need to explore alternative ways to

Top-Tier Technology

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Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that puts a company ahead of the market? In the Commercial RE world, each client relationship and every single transaction can be directly influenced by technology and depending on the platform you use, it can ultimately increase or decrease the efficiency of the factors of your production.

According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email remains the top performer among all other direct marketing tactics. With an average return on investment of $57.00 for every dollar spent how can you go wrong? For starters, email marketing protocol and deliverability are two of the fastest evolving aspects of direct marketing.

If you’ve spent any time in a sales role, you know that retaining customers is far more profitable and rewarding than spending time scouring for new clients. You also understand the importance of maintaining happy customers and achieving excellence in service. Happy customers provide the basis for recurring revenue as well as referrals to new

We just wrapped up a successful Q1 training & business development session.  A few of our US offices headed to  Austin last week to meet and dig in to our core technologies.  Our team spent two days getting first-hand experience using ORiGIN and HABiTAT, two of our key technologies that help us to bring clients

Does your client feel like a stranger every time they engage in a transaction with you or the ‘customer service’ side of your firm? Many businesses are being harmed by clueless people in the service industry. Client retention is the most important factor in the future success of any business, especially small businesses. And the

Leading companies understand the essential role that client relationship management (CRM) systems play in the success of a sales team.  At iCORE, our CRM system is much more than a technology; it is a core component of our business strategy.   Our CRM system forms the backbone of our global business channels facilitating collaboration and knowledge share. Having

With all of the recent hype around 3D printing, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to apply this concept to real estate. According to a recent article in Smart Planet, a Dutch architect is planning to use 3D printing technology to construct a house by the end of 2014.