A Global Bite of the Big Apple

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Although international investment in commercial real estate has risen the past 12 quarters in a row, this is a continuing trend for foreign investors. According to Genesis Capital, investors are vying for a bite of New York City and other large U.S. metro areas, with Manhattan clearly the main course. The world is taking a

Samantha Mueting, Managing Director and CEO of iCORE Global, discusses the organization’s unique approach to the enterprise of commercial real estate, which is currently being redefined and saving brokers millions of dollars while providing shared services and unrivaled excellence in client advocacy. Amanda Roberts: Samantha, tell us about your background and why you started iCORE

According to CNN, the tally stands at 1,127 deaths and 2,438 live rescues. Experts cite extremely poor quality materials and violations of regulation as the cause of the building collapse. Poor working conditions, unsafe construction and unenforced building codes are all too common, and preventable, factors in these deadly events. So how has one of

With recent focus on the air quality in China, we can’t help but think about the impact that record high levels of pollution will have on commercial real estate growth and investment in these developing areas. While closely monitoring pollution and air quality for the past several years, the Chinese government only began publishing air

According to GFK Geomarketing, Russia currently is the largest market in Europe with the third largest retail turnover in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) after France and Germany. Growth has been experienced in every segment from discount to luxury. Russia is currently the fastest growing market for luxury goods. Quality retail developments are steadily

There are several new construction projects underway in the downtown core of Canada’s city of Toronto that suggest some developers see a solid future in creating new rental accommodation. Most of the new rental housing stock in Toronto arrives via condo towers, but there are rare exceptions such as Motion; 463 rental suites with 11,500

Stopping the Turnover Pattern

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We’re calling all new brokers, mid-range brokers and the largest, most active brokers who are wanting a more successful future filled with opportunity, to Join our iCORE Global innovative team. Did you know? iCORE Global attracts and retains the most talented brokers and agents the world. We save our brokers time and money, accelerate their

The Age of the Customer

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A PROACTIVE MULTI-CHANNEL APPROACH—IS THERE SUCH A THING IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE? Do your solutions support every step of your customer’s journey? Does your relationship with the customer support repeat business? Engaging clients effectively, efficiently fulfilling their needs, and providing a personalized experience across all interactions should be the number one goal of a commercial

Asian Pacific Leasing Signaling Growth

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Leasing activity in Singapore is gradually improving. Q3 sales transactions of significance were Alpha Investment Partner’s acquisition of 50% of a Shenton Way property valued at approximately $487 Million (US), $596 Million (S) and the Robinson Point property of 133,000+ sq ft to Asian investors for $224 Million (US), $274 Million (S). The demand from

We’re honored to feature Raja Seetharaman, Executive Managing Partner of iCORE Global – INDIA as he discusses the current goals and unique focus for commercial real estate in India.   iCORE is proud to see India’s achievements and growth, and in this Feature, Raja shares his success story with us. Megan Gilmore: Raja, what were your reasons for