Four Generations at Work

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 by

For the first time in history, we have 4 generations sharing the same workplace that spans over 7 decades. This span in age, as well as variations in generational characteristics, will require considerably more well-balanced work environments in order to satiate the growing needs and demands required by each generation. Who are these generations? What

Risks in Commercial RE

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 by

What You Need To Know: What are some of the top risks in Commercial RE? The 10 biggest issues confronting the industry, including global business risks, have been highlighted by Ernst & Young. They compile their rankings by interviewing commentators and academics in each sector of commercial real estate, and have them focus specifically on

Relatively new to the commercial real estate building scene is a creative building design from rectangular to triangular structures. Many different chassis designs are available and the process is adaptable to most building designs in general. The building industry’s future is modular construction. Skanska USA Building CEO, Bill Flemming, discussed the groundbreaking of the B2

It could add up to big savings for you, as well as improved cash flow if you’re a property owner. Most commercial properties from apartment buildings and day-care centers to office buildings and warehouses qualify for this tax secret. This tax strategy allows owners and investors to accelerate the depreciation rate of their properties and

Your business leads are only worthwhile if they turn into sales. Sure it’s easy to network and make initial contact, but for most owners their lifeblood is a steady stream of sales, especially in this economy. Client entertainment is right up there with the office New Year’s party as a year-end staple of business life.

Private investors can for the first time access the high yields available in the commercial mortgage market after the flotation of a £228m fund. Starwood European Real Estate Finance started trading shares on the London Stock Exchange’s main market yesterday. They will deliver a 7 per cent dividend yield by lending money against commercial property

How do you plan your work day? With the New Year approaching, it can be fairly easy to be distracted with the office’s gift-exchange parties, meetings with friends after 5pm, and the coming days off. Chances are, many of us have too little time and a lot of work to do in it. How we

On December 5th, a Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop opened in Orlando, Winter Park, Florida, Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska. Soon, it will be opening its 751st location across 32 states. Jersey Mike’s opened their first store in Point Pleasant, N.J., in 1956. Last year, the company saw record unit growth of 15% and planned to add

The Fiscal Cliff Impact

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 by

At the beginning of 2012, commercial real estate investors were starting to move toward value-added commercial real estate properties, but with the possibility of the “fiscal cliff” looming, investors have changed course. The Federal Housing Authority/HUD has offered an enormous program that assists with the acquisition and refinancing of multi-family rentals at very low interest