In our earlier post on the long-standing debate: telecommuting vs. traditional office work, we discussed the key benefits of having a communal office where employees come to work each day.  While office space does offer companies the benefits of collaboration and team work, the ‘traditional’ setup of closed off offices and cubicles isn’t necessarily the

Building Skyscrapers, Piece-by-Piece

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 by

Originally making his fortune in boilers and non-electric air-conditioning solutions, Zhang Fue, founder of Broad Sustainable Building, is now tackling skyscrapers.   This transition was largely fueled by Zhang’s unrest following a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that collapsed buildings across China’s Sichuan Province. After unsuccessfully attempting to persuade developers to make their buildings more stable, Zhang took

Increased awareness of the devastating effects of fossil fuels on our environment has led CRE groups to take action.   In continuing with yesterday’s focus on sustainability, we want to highlight a few of the recent actions that organizations are taking to encourage companies to reduce their greenhouse emissions. In 2011, the International Living Future Institute

A Push for Sustainable Design

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 by

An increasing demand for sustainability is pushing the envelope on traditional building design.  While sustainable design and construction does require additional upfront cost, the long-term savings create value for property owners and investors. From a financial perspective, sustainable buildings benefit from reduced operational costs and decreased energy consumption.   Benefits also extend to building occupants including

The trend in Electric Vehicle charging stations is picking up speed with property managers and investors.    Despite government push, to date, the consumption of electric vehicles has exceeded the development of charging stations, leaving drivers with limited options for recharging. Recently, property managers and investors have begun seizing this opportunity and incorporating Electric Vehicle charging

If you live or work in Silicon Valley, chances are you’ve seen or heard one of the many pro-Texas ads touting the monetary and lifestyle benefits of relocating to Austin.  As part of Governor Rick Perry’s campaign to lure companies to Texas, these targeted radio and web ads attack the traditional start-up culture of Silicon Valley, claiming that creating