Even as recent as five or ten years ago, it was still reasonable for commercial real estate companies to have only a US  footprint.  Increasing pressure is coming from clients for an integrated approach to real estate.  The take away message is that US coverage is no longer enough. Clients want more and, frankly, they

From time to time, it’s smart to step back and reflect on the challenges and opportunities you encountered in recent months and carve out goals for what you want to accomplish in the months ahead. Brainstorming new opportunities and possibilities can be energizing.   Of course, it doesn’t come without challenges.   Given our already packed-full

Once you have the right people in place and the tools you need to win over your clients, you need a way to maintain your team.  Do you have a strategy in place to ensure your team is productive and lucrative for years to come? It’s time to stop the revolving door of frustrated brokers

Having the right people in place without the proper tools will stop everyone short of their full potential. We get it. Thats why we’ve put together a suite of enterprise technology designed to keep you connected, informed, organized and on top of all of your business activities. Our open platform allows for quick and effective

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So how do you go about recruiting brokers and building a team? Is there a strategy in place to not only bring the best but keep them productive and lucrative for years to come? It all starts with the recruiting. In some corporate places the standards can be a bit strict, but we all know the