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TRENDING IS THE POWER OF THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT – OR THE CALL FOR THE RETURN OF IT – what does that mean? As real estate professionals and transaction advisors are we not at the forefront of what it means to be entrepreneurs?  Are we fighting for the shear opportunity to add value to our clients,

A Future Worth Fighting For

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It’s a known fact that the industry we call home, Commercial Real Estate, is cyclical. Business ebbs and flows, clients vacillate, markets adjust, and brokers are, well, brokers. Such factors are why you have a love/hate relationship with CRE and exactly why some of you get a bit cross-eyed when forced to consider long term

[PARTNERSHIP] iCORE Global and Prelios

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  iCORE Global is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic agreement with Prelios, a leading commercial real estate company, based in Milan, Italy, with over € 7 billion transactions concluded in the past 7 years. Prelios agency provides real estate intermediary services to national and international clients. In the commercial segment, the company has reached a

The Talk

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In my last article, I gave you a bit of a “pep talk” about having a meeting with your purchasing manager, when it comes to getting their thumbs-up for purchasing a CRM solution. While the benefits of CRM might be crystal-clear to you, as someone who is not only in sales, but who has probably

One job I really wouldn’t want to have is being a purchasing manager, or a decision-making executive with many employees constantly pestering me to “approve this” and “review that.”  Most specifically in a real estate office with an old-school management style of one manager motivating a sales person to actual run BD campaigns, then de-motivating

Ft. Myers, FL – January, 2014 – Boback Commercial Group announces a strategic partnership with iCORE Global. iCORE – Ft. Myers  specializes in commercial property sales and leasing, commercial property management solutions, as well as asset management. As part of iCORE Global ‘s continuing expansion, the addition of iCORE – Ft. Myers will enhance service

Effective CRM’s runs on client information. In order to successfully manage client data, it’s not only important to centralize the information, but also to capture data that is relevant to YOUR PARTICULAR industry. Especially in Commercial Real Estate (CRE).  CRE organizations are forced to use generalized CRM platforms that are not conducive our industry, nor

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a focus amongst professionals in all fields, most particular the professional services sector.  The study for EQ and the positive affects therefrom is well validated, through nearly 20 years of credible research. Proving up this is a skill set that is quintessential for success in almost any aspect of life.

We’re all very aware, for years our industry was desperate for a tool that not only manages daily work-flow but is also a solution for platform-wide collaboration. A few tried. All failed. This mystery just out of reach until iCORE took the lead and cracked the code. ORiGIN was developed and is the only solution

What better way to wrap up a work week than by focusing on ways to reduce your bottom line while at the same time increasing top line revenue? Increasing budgetary pressures are forcing companies across the board to do more with less. To be competitive and maintain your margins, you need to explore alternative ways to