We know you’re planning for 2013 to be a success: Have you covered everything? Pertaining to commercial real estate improvements, Forbes Magazine stated that for 2013, “new construction activity will inch upward, operating income will be a little better, and property values will level off. Later, in 2014 or 2015, operating income and prices will

  Would you like to see a new atmosphere of collaboration and teaming? How about obtaining the most advanced technological platform designed to facilitate seamless collaboration? Long-standing relationships are revered in our business. That’s why iCORE Global is approaching channel business in an innovative way, because we understand where the industry is heading. As a

What does it mean to be a client advocate? We’re glad you asked. Ask any commercial real estate broker or an agent about the importance of being client-focused, and they will likely respond that it’s in their DNA. But, what does client advocacy translate to when it pertains to time, discipline or providing a full-service