[PARTNERSHIP] iCORE Global and Prelios

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  iCORE Global is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic agreement with Prelios, a leading commercial real estate company, based in Milan, Italy, with over € 7 billion transactions concluded in the past 7 years. Prelios agency provides real estate intermediary services to national and international clients. In the commercial segment, the company has reached a

  Since the financial crisis of 2007, capitalism has suffered an increasingly negative rap. Stories of corruption and greed have filled the news, leaving little room for trust in large corporations. While listening to NPR a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an interview with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, discussing the Conscious Capitalism

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a focus amongst professionals in all fields, most particular the professional services sector.  The study for EQ and the positive affects therefrom is well validated, through nearly 20 years of credible research. Proving up this is a skill set that is quintessential for success in almost any aspect of life.

Risks in Commercial RE

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What You Need To Know: What are some of the top risks in Commercial RE? The 10 biggest issues confronting the industry, including global business risks, have been highlighted by Ernst & Young. They compile their rankings by interviewing commentators and academics in each sector of commercial real estate, and have them focus specifically on

Samantha Mueting, Managing Director and CEO of iCORE Global, discusses the organization’s unique approach to the enterprise of commercial real estate, which is currently being redefined and saving brokers millions of dollars while providing shared services and unrivaled excellence in client advocacy. Amanda Roberts: Samantha, tell us about your background and why you started iCORE

Back in 2011, Harvard Business School released a report that, more than a high salary, job satisfaction comes from the ability to make a difference and deliver results. This sparked an office discussion on the topic of passion and how doing what you’re truly passionate about drives superior results – both for you and the

Would you like to see a new atmosphere of collaboration and teaming? How about obtaining the most advanced technological platform designed to facilitate seamless collaboration? Long-standing relationships are revered in our business. That’s why iCORE Global is approaching channel business in an innovative way, because we understand where the industry is heading. As a broker,

We deal with companies every day that are looking to reduce their real estate costs.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and collaboration tools, it’s not surprising that companies are looking to telecommuting as a strategy to save money. The recent announcement from Yahoo! that employees would no longer be able to work remotely has

Your business leads are only worthwhile if they turn into sales. Sure it’s easy to network and make initial contact, but for most owners their lifeblood is a steady stream of sales, especially in this economy. Client entertainment is right up there with the office New Year’s party as a year-end staple of business life.

The Age of the Customer

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A PROACTIVE MULTI-CHANNEL APPROACH—IS THERE SUCH A THING IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE? Do your solutions support every step of your customer’s journey? Does your relationship with the customer support repeat business? Engaging clients effectively, efficiently fulfilling their needs, and providing a personalized experience across all interactions should be the number one goal of a commercial