A Twist on Energy Conservation

by / Thursday, 28 March 2013 / Published in CRE Trends, iCORE


We stumbled upon a fitness center in Goleta, CA that is taking a whole new approach to energy conservation.   Having done the Gold’s Gym franchise before, this gym owner was looking for an innovative approach to the ideal fitness club.

The goal of the new Goleta gym is simple; provide an enjoyable experience to all members while simultaneously having as little of an environmental impact as possible.

The team’s commitment to energy efficiency can be seen in every detail from the paperless enrollment process to the LEED-certified ceiling fan and recycled plastic lockers.

What’s even more innovative is that the gym is setup so that when users exercise on the cardio machine they’re not only burning calories, they’re powering the building.   The energy produced by using the cardio machines is fed back into a Re-Rev system that powers the building.   Members can actually watch track the energy that they generate via TV screens around the gym.

To be honest, the Re-Rev system is less about cost savings and more about creating a culture where members feel more connected to their gym and gain a better appreciation for sustainability in the process.


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