A Revolutionary Business Model that Delivers

by / Wednesday, 03 July 2013 / Published in Client Advocacy, iCORE


When talking with real estate companies and professionals around the world, we’re often asked the question, “What is the business structure of iCORE, is it a network or a franchise?”

The direct answer is – neither.  iCORE is organized more like PwC, and all other professional service firms.  A true partnership model. 

In working with thousands of companies over the past 30 years, we paid attention to what works as well as what doesn’t.  We used that insight to develop a revolutionary business model that delivers versus a network, franchise or boutique firm that is local only.

Why Steer Away from a Network?
Networks do not ensure consistency.  With no quality controls or client ownership protection, business channels are nearly impossible.   In case that isn’t enough. Clients now know the services are fractionalized and inconsistent, and with no centralized service integrator capacities are greatly reduced.   An HQ drawback for networks is that they are traditionally passive groups and members are inherently less involved.  Therefore, networks are no longer the defensible hire.

Why is iCORE not a Franchise?
When people realize we’re not a network, they automatically think – oh a franchise.   It makes sense in that typically companies fall into one of the two buckets.  One of the driving reasons why we’re not a franchise is that franchises, by definition, do not keep the client’s best interest front and center.    This is a result of their strict regulations and territory fees to pay for their “four blocks squared”.   Clients, then need to be passed like a torch from territory to territory.    As a result, clients are unable to have a dedicated advocate that remains involved on their account throughout the world.  We have to ask the question, does this business model prevent the agent from meeting their fiduciary responsibility to their clients? Most say yes.  Clients large and small are disenchanted by this less than stellar result.

We selected the best practices from the professional services business sector, eliminated the parts that no longer work and created a revolutionary business model that actually delivers – delivers for both the client and our professionals.  Each of our 116 offices around the world are locally owned partnerships.  The Partners are local market experts with decades of on the ground insight that can’t be replicated virtually.   Our offices are pulled together through a common technology platform that facilitates our client relationship management and global collaboration.

We’ve invested a significant amount of time and energy into creating a positive, open culture in which our professionals come together and focus on the best interest of each client.   Clients and providers form long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect.   That’s why we keep the originator of the client relationship involved in each and every deal – regardless of where it takes place.  We believe Partnership Track verses a commoditized sales force drives sustainable results.

Every one of our business processes is created for the sole purpose of driving value for our clients.  That’s how iCORE always has, and will continue to operate.

Interested in exploring how our business model can help take your company to the next level?  Contact us at info@icoreglobal.com to setup a call.